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May 2018

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By: Lawrence Mak

Shop for Insurance Before You Close

Tags: Shop for Insurance Before You Close

After purchasing a new home, buyers are often focused on securing a good mortgage, hiring a reputable moving company, and preparing for moving day. Those are all important. Just don’t forget about home insurance! It’s an easy detail to miss. If you wait until the last minute to make those arrangements, you may not have time to shop around and get the best policy and rate. When is the...Read More

By: Lawrence Mak

Should You Worry About Market Fluctuations?

Tags: Should You Worry About Market Fluctuations?

You turn on the television and watch a news story about housing prices going down. Then you receive a flyer in the mail about a property around the corner that sold for a decent price. Next you read a newspaper article about the housing market on the upswing again. It’s a little like being on a roller-coaster ride! Unfortunately the ride isn’t much fun if you’re thinking of buy...Read More

By: Lawrence Mak

Home Shopping And The Four-Legged Stool

Tags: Home Shopping And The Four-Legged Stool

What kind of stool is most likely to keep you from toppling over when you sit on it? Of course, two-legged stools won’t even stand on their own. Three-legged stools are okay, but still unstable. Four-legged stools are rock solid. What does that have to do with shopping for a new home? Well, if you want to find the right home quickly and for the best price, you need to have four things in p...Read More

By: Lawrence Mak

Dealing With A Home Inspection Issue

Tags: Dealing With A Home Inspection Issue

As you may know, it’s common to include a home inspection as a condition of an offer you make. It protects you from issues that you might not otherwise see during a viewing. What do you do if the home inspector finds something wrong? The inspector might find a leak in the foundation, or windows that are old, drafty and need replacing. Must you pass on a property that you otherwise like? N...Read More

By: Lawrence Mak

Navigating the Real Estate Maze

Tags: Navigating the Real Estate Maze

Have you ever tried to make your way through a maze at an amusement park or farm field? If you don’t know the layout, it’s probably going to take you a long time to find your way through. You’ll hit a lot of dead ends, go around in circles a few times, and maybe even become frustrated before you finally find your way out. The same can be said about buying or selling a home. Rea...Read More

By: Lawrence Mak

Look Underneath the Hood

Tags: Look Underneath the Hood

As anyone who has ever purchased a used car will tell you, looks can be deceiving. To get a true picture of the quality of the product, you have to “look under the hood.” What does this have to do with shopping for a new home? When you find a property you like on the market, it’s easy to fall in love with its appearance and features. However, there may be issues you won’t...Read More

By: Lawrence Mak

Top 5 Ways to Impress Home Buyers

Tags: Top 5 Ways to Impress Home Buyers

Remember when you found your current home? You walked in and got the feeling it was a great fit for you and your family. Now that you’re selling your house, you need to make that same impression on the next potential buyer. Here’s how to do it. Clean and de-clutter  Make sure your kitchen, bathrooms, and floors sparkle. Use old-fashioned elbow grease or call in professional cl...Read More

By: Lawrence Mak

Reading the Relevant Factors

Tags: Reading the Relevant Factors

The more varied the opinions of economic experts, the more we are required to do our own homework when making real estate decisions for the future. This is especially true when there are varying degrees of optimism and pessimism about the nation’s economy. Many homeowners use interest rates to measure the health and viability of real estate. But the national economic outlook is not the only ...Read More

By: Lawrence Mak

Be “Pet Smart” When Selling Your House

Tags: Be “Pet Smart” When Selling Your House

Some people just don’t appreciate pets, and all the sights, sounds, and smells that go with them. So, to keep potential buyers focused on your house, and not your pet, follow these simple tips: Wash and put away the pet toys and food bowls. Refresh the kitty litter. Check your yard for doggie doo. Use room or carpet deodorizer. Send your pet on vacation during showings. You love you...Read More